About us
What Make Us Unique

USIMPR administers various immigration programs, representing individuals and businesses around the U.S. and the world.

Passion for Results
What We Believe

At USIMPR we feel we can offer you the very best when it comes to immigration programs. We work with licensed and expert immigration professionals who have handled numerous cases. They are all qualified to deal with government officials effectively in order to maximize outcomes for all immigration applications.

We know that these days immigration rules and practices are becoming more and more sophisticated. In order to qualify to move to the US, you must satisfy all the requirements of the Immigrant Visa and present your case accurately to an immigration officer who has the power to grant or refute your admission. Our job is to help open the door so that you and your family can live, work or start business in the US.

We Can Help You
Why Choose Us?

We can help you reach your immigration goals by advising you on which immigration program to apply for, assisting you with setting businesses in the US and with drafting documents, lodging your application, liaising with Immigration officers, and following the progress of your application.

We have very experienced professionals in matters of immigration that offer solutions to your particular case.