EU Citizenship
Montenegro Citizenship by Investment

In 2018, the Montenegrin government announced the launch of a new program for obtaining citizenship of the country through investment. The program started in November 2019 and will end on December 31st, 2021. At the same time, the authorities are ready to accept only 2,000 applicants.

Advantages of Montenegrin citizenship

  • Montenegro will be a candidate membership in the European Union (EU) in 2025
  • Now a Montenegro passport will give you the right to visa-free entry to more than 120 countries of the world, including all countries of the Schengen area
  • You do not need to know the national language to acquire citizenship
  • You do not have to reside permanently in your country of nationality
  • Loyalty of the European banking system to Montenegrin passport holders
  • Favorable taxation system. Income tax is 9% on personal income in the form of dividends and interest income. Progressive tax rate from 9% to 11% on income in the form of wages. The company’s income tax is 9%.
  • Mild Mediterranean climate on the coast and moderately continental in the mountains. The country has the status of an “Environmentally Friendly State“.

How to get Montenegrin citizenship

The program for obtaining citizenship of the country by investment suggests that to obtain citizenship, it is necessary to invest in real estate in Montenegro and make a contribution to the state Development Fund of the country.

The program offers several investment options:

  • Invest in real estate projects worth from 450,000 euros in developed regions of the country (the south and coastal regions).
  • Invest in real estate projects worth from 250,000 euros in less developed regions in the north of the country.

The properties must be approved by the Montenegrin government for admission to the Citizenship for Investment program.

In addition to paying for real estate, you are required to make a contribution to a specially created state fund of 100,000 euros.

Four stages to obtain Montenegrin citizenship

 1. Preparation and collection of documents

In practice, this is the most difficult and longest stage. It can take several months to prepare the documents. At the beginning, you can conduct your own analysis of your affairs, checking whether there are enough documents to confirm the legality of the origin of funds and capital, and the state of the companies where you are a founder.

2. Visit to Montenegro

You have the option to familiarize yourself in person with the selected investment object. Next, you sign a real estate purchase agreement with a notary and open two escrow bank accounts.

3. Transfer of funds

You transfer the investment amount of the purchase of real estate and the contribution to the state development fund to the escrow accounts you have opened. Funds are then debited from escrow accounts to the accounts of the seller and the government automatically, but only after the government decides that the candidate meets the program parameters. Making such a decision means that the applicant will receive citizenship. If the applicant is refused, the money is returned to the applicant’s account.

You also pay fees for participation in the program, medical insurance, document translation services, banking services, and other necessary payments. All documents, including payment, are submitted to a government agent.

4. Waiting

From the moment of your visit to Montenegro to the decision on granting citizenship, you will have to wait about three months. If the decision on granting citizenship is positive, the money will be debited from escrow accounts.

After three months, from the moment the decision was made and the money was debited, the applicant and his family become citizens of Montenegro and receive passports.

Investor Criteria and Requirements

  • No sanctions, restrictions or bans on entry into the EU, US, UK and Canada
  • No criminal record
  • Good credit history
  • Legality of the origin of investment funds
  • Good health
  • Lack of EU citizenship


The applicant’s family, including their spouse and financially dependent children, may participate in the program. Parents of the applicant and parents of the spouse can also apply.

The cost of participating in the program for the main applicant is 15,000 euros. For his/her family members (a maximum of four persons) it costs 10,000 euros and 50,000 euros, this includes grandparents.

Terms of citizenship

6-7 months from the first visit to the country.